Volunteer Opportunity


The Summit Bechtel Reserve is thrilled to be hosting the Whizzbanger’s Ball music festival from June 14-15. The festival includes two full days of music, food, and other events that provide a rare chance for the community to experience a taste of the Summit. Please check out more details at the website: https://whizzbangersball.com/.

We excited to offer our family of volunteers a chance to come and support the Summit while also participating in this inaugural event.

SIGN UP BY MAY 1, 2024!


What is the cost?

  • No cost! The SBR will provide all food, lodging, and other costs for those who volunteer. Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation.

How big will this musical festival be?

  • The current ticket sale cap is 10,000. We expect the event to sell out and thousands of tickets have already been purchased.

What will be provided to volunteers?

  1. FREE stay at the Summit Bechtel Reserve including lodging and food.  (You must cover your own transportation to and from the SBR.)
  2. A complimentary staff shirt.
  3. Choice of staying in a bunkhouse with friends, family camp, or having a tent to yourself at no charge.
  4. The opportunity to see a free concert.
  5. The gratitude of all those involved in this event.

What is required to volunteer?

  • All volunteers must have YPT. Current registration in Scouts BSA is not required.
  • For those running particular events (i.e. aerial), all standard training and safety certifications are required.

Where do you need help?

  • Everywhere. For program, we are running the legacy and gateway zip lines, Boulder Cove climbing area, and a temporary archery range near the stadium. We also need help parking cars, hosting our overnight campers, and supporting the maintenance team. All help is appreciated!

Do I need a certification to help program?

  • Not necessarily. We absolutely need certified volunteers running the zip lines, climbing, and archery. However, there is always support staff needs in these areas to manage equipment and line queues. Please volunteer for what sounds interesting to you, and we will make sure you have meaningful work.

Do you need assistance for the high adventure areas?

  • No, we are limiting visitors to Summit Center near the stadium. We will not be running the action point activities.

Where are staff staying?

  • Most staff will be camping in the A/B area and dining in Eagle’s Nest.
  • Staff have a choice staying in a bunkhouse with roommates or in a tent nearby.  (We encourage you to bring your own tent. But if you need a Summit tent we are happy to provide one.)
  • We will also be using family camp for those that choose to bring family their families.  Family camp is first come, first reserved.

What is the schedule?

  • Staff are being asked to arrive the night of the 13th so we can be prepared to volunteer on the 14th & 15th.  If you need to arrive on the 14th please expect head straight to work!  Program starts at 10 AM.

  • Program will operate from 10-5pm on Friday and Saturday. All other times staff are encouraged to enjoy the venue.

  • Parking and subcamp staff will work shifts so they can have time off.   (We will need parking to be on duty during the shows.)

  • Staff are welcome to stay and enjoy the event until Sunday morning. Sunday breakfast will be the last meal provided by the Summit.

Do I need a Scout uniform?

  • Absolutely not. We ask you not to wear any official Scout uniform at this event as this is an external vendor renting our site. At nights during the concert (after program), the show’s promoters will be selling alcohol and official scout uniforms are not appropriate.

Can I bring my family?

  • Of course! Spouses/partners, children, and immediate family are welcome to attend!  We will provide meals and housing for the families.  (We realize this is Father’s Day weekend and hope you bring your family to enjoy the festival.  SBR will be providing free concert access for family members of staff working this event.)
  • If multiple adults from a family want to attend, please have at least one adult from each unit register.  (For example, if you want to attend with your wife and children but your parents also want to attend, you should register yourself, your wife, and your children.  Your parents would complete their own registration.)
  • If you have questions about family access, please email summit.program@scouting.org. 

If this is not a scout event, why should Scouts volunteer?

  • Because we all love the Summit! External revenue such as this event helps us maintain the property and subsidizes the costs that scouts must pay. We know that our volunteers are dedicated to making youth have a wonderful experience, and all the profits from this event will go back into scouting to promote those efforts.

Where can I see more information about the event?